Revive & Revitalize Leadership Coaching

I am incredibly excited to announce that Rob Paul Ministries and Church Revitalization Resources is partnering with Thom Rainer and the Revitalize Network to offer Revive and Revitalize Leadership Coaching. The coaching utilizes the Revitalize Bundle consisting of three tools to help you know your self, your church, and your community better. These assessments will provide you with the information you need to move forward with revitalization in your church.

Anywhere from 65-90% of churches in North America are in need of some kind of revitalization. They are either stuck, struggling or spiraling towards their death. Using the Revitalize Bundle I am able to help pastors and other church leaders to develop a plan that is unique to each church and each context and then coach them for six months as they implement the plan.

Now, here is the best news of all. The Revitalize Bundle normally costs $500. Because I am a Certified Revitalize Bundle Coach I am able to offer coaching for only $250. Here's what you get for this incredible value...

  1. Self assessment using
  2. Church assessment using
  3. Community assessment using Percept's First View demographic and psychographic report.
  4. Individualized coaching for six months.
    • Assistance interpreting assessment data.
    • Help developing a customized plan based on your church and community context.
    • Support with implementation and followup.


Ready to find out more?

Contact Rob Paul Ministries for more information about this incredible offer or for any of our other consulting services.

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  1. Thankful for the hard times that Jesus uses to get us into unchartered territory!! Praise God for what He’s going do!

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