A church consultant is an objective voice. I recently had a conversation with a pastor whose church is doing well. They are growing. They are relatively problem-free.

There are some underlying issues that could impact their future, but nothing that is particularly concerning at the moment. Our conversation revolved around a major decision they will have to make in the next few months. Without giving the details, it’s the kind of decision that will determine the kind of church they are going to be for the foreseeable future. He was asking me to be an objective voice.

Often a consultant acts as an interventionist. There is a crisis, and the consultant is asked to be a mediator, a peacemaker, a problem solver, or a change agent. In my role as a consultant I often have the privilege of helping a church to see its present reality with fresh eyes. As an outsider I can usually see things they have overlooked. I can also help them consider options they may not have known were possible.

Some consultations focus on a specific area. These may include

  • Revitalization Coaching
  • Worship service evaluation.
  • Welcome ministry evaluation.
  • Facilities analysis
  • Mission strategy
  • Evangelism and outreach strategies.

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The Comprehensive Consultation

The comprehensive consultation is an extended process that offers a deep view of the church’s overall health and results in a greater understanding of the community as well as the church and a ministry plan that leads to greater effectiveness.

At the conclusion of the consultation you will receive a report giving you clear insights into your community and your church as well as a reasonable ministry plan to guide you toward a preferred future.

The consultation will include:

  • Demographic and psychographic study of your community.
  • Interviews with key leaders.
  • Analysis of church facilities.
  • Statistical analysis of key church metrics.
  • Analysis of financial stewardship data.
  • An outsider's perspective of worship services.
  • A church health survey.
  • Discovery of ministry and growth obstacles as well as opportunities.

The consultation includes four onsite visits.

  • Preconsultation with the pastor and other leaders to determine the specific needs and scope of the consultation. This may include a presentation to the appropriate committee or decision-making body of the church.
  • Church Legacy Gathering. At this event I will lead the church family to think about their history through the eyes of Jesus. I will also evaluate the church facilities and tour the community during this visit.
  • Interviews with church leaders. I will conduct a series of interviews and will attend weekend services during this visit.
  • Presenting the report. In most cases I return to present the final report to the church leadership or the entire church body.