Announcing Revive&Revitalize!

I am excited to launch Revive&Revitalize!, a five-day, intensive approach to helping churches experience revival and long-term revitalization for the glory of God.

With 90% of the churches in North America either declining or growing at a rate that is smaller than the growth of their communities, Revive&Revitalize! is an essential tool for churches of all sizes that want to experience a preferred future. No church is too small or too large!  R&R! is effective and affordable.

Drawing upon more than three decades of ministry experience in small to medium-sized Southern Baptist churches, Revive&Revitalize! is a biblical approach that will help your church:

  1. To reflect upon and rejoice over the church’s history,
  2. To remember and return to the church’s first love – Jesus,
  3. To recognize and repent of any attitudes and actions that may have robbed the church of her vitality, and
  4. To renew and realize a vision and strategy for revitalization.

Revive&Revitalize! will totally change the trajectory of your church. This unique approach to revival and revitalization is built around five key components:

Prayer – Charles Spurgeon noted, “Whenever God determines to do a great work, he first sets his people to pray.” The entire Revive&Revitalize! event is bathed in prayer from the preparation to the implementation and at all points in between.

Fellowship Meals – The public part of Revive&Revitalize! kicks off with a church-wide fellowship meal on Wednesday evening. This is an opportunity for informal introductions around the tables. There is another fellowship meal on Thursday at lunch where long-time members have an opportunity to share and celebrate their remembrances of the church’s legacy.

Revival Services – This is the meat of Revive&Revitalize! with services beginning on Wednesday night following the fellowship meal.  Other revival services take place on Thursday night, Friday night, and conclude on Sunday morning. Each service has a specific focus leading to a commitment service on Sunday morning.

Leadership Training – Based on the specific needs of the church Revive&Revitalize! will include 3-5 one-hour training sessions with key church leaders.

Outreach Event – On Saturday morning the entire church family will have an opportunity to participate in an outreach event with your community.  This is a highlight of Revive&Revitalize! and will be designed by your church leadership, based on the needs of your community and the resources of your church.

At the conclusion of Revive&Revitalize! your church will have a renewed love for Jesus and a renewed vision and strategy for loving your community. You will also have a written report that defines specific actions for you to take. Most importantly, your people will be passionately motivated.

Every church could use a little R&R!  For more information or to schedule a Revive&Revitalize! event send me an email to [email protected]