TAB News Podcast – Signs of an Unhealthy Church

I recently had the opportunity to discuss church revitalization with Jennifer Rash and Debbie Campbell of The Alabama Baptist newspaper. On this episode of the TAB News Podcast we discuss my journey to becoming a revitalization strategist. We also talk about the signs of an unhealthy church. These include…

  1. Plateaued or declining attendance.
  2. Lack of evangelistic fruit.
  3. Church does not reflect the community.
  4. Missing generations in attendance and/or leadership.
  5. Idealized vision of the past.
  6. Preoccupation with other churches.
  7. Competing agendas within the church.
  8. Allowing a person or a group to exercise power and control.

This discussion was based on a blogpost that you will find here.

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