Church Leadership Podcast

I recently had the privilege of sitting down with my friends Andy Frazier and Mark Gainey to record Episode 51 of The Church Leadership Podcast. Mark and Andy do an incredible job of encouraging and equipping leaders by having real conversations with leaders you should know. You can find out more about The Church Leadership Podcast here.

In Episode 51, we discuss what is involved in church revitalization as well as how expectations in ministry affect not only the pastor, but the church as well. This discussion will encourage any church leader praying for a turnaround in their church!

Church Leadership Podcast Episode 51
Church Leadership Podcast, Episode 51



“Through that, I started reading everything I could on church revitalization, and just taking a crash course… I began to give my life to helping other churches. I’m gonna step in and do what I can to try to help churches.”
“I basically begged the church when I preached in view of a call, ‘Don’t call me…’ (It was the) only unanimous vote I’ve ever received.”
“We run into burning buildings when a lot of other people are running out, but the reality is, I’ve started some of those fires.”
“Number one, that statement was ignorant on my part, and number two, that statement was arrogant on my part. I’m not that good”
“That’s one thing in going in, you set expectations. In a revitalization, you let people know. Hey, this is probably going to get worse before it gets better.”
“‘What are you going to do to fix our church?’ And my answer is, ‘I have no clue.’ And they’re like, ‘So why should we hire you then? And I say, ‘Here’s the deal, this is the Lord’s church. Jesus knows what you need.’”
“I just think there’s nothing about a dying church that brings glory to God.”
“If you want to be liked and loved, go and sell ice cream.”