I am currently scheduling preaching engagements, leadership training seminars, Revive&Revitalize! events, comprehensive consultations and specialized ministry coaching.

Rob Paul

Welcome to my site!  For more than 30 years God has allowed me to serve his church through pastoral leadership in established Southern Baptist Churches. Each church has been unique.  The first church I served was a rural family chapel. Two have been in suburban settings, and three have been First Baptist Churches in county-seat towns.  I love the church!

Because I love the local church I want to share insights and ideas on topics related to church revitalization, church growth, strategic planning, missions and evangelism. In addition to writing articles, I am also available for Revive&Revitalize! events, church consultations and preaching engagements.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR FAMILY - I have been married to my best friend since July of 1984. Melanie and I have raised two incredible children - Emily and Robert - who are both graduates of Samford University in Birmingham. Robert has given us a wonderful daughter-in-law named Amanda. Together. they  have given us our second granddaughter, Agnes, who was born June 25, 2017. Emily is married to Brooks Dunn who has given us a step-grandson named Braeden. Emily and Brooks also gave us our first granddaughter, Evelyn, who was born July 24, 2016. Melanie and I have three fur-babies: Nate, an adorable black lab who thinks he's a human; Baxter, our inside kitty; and Malaya, our outside kitty.

WHERE WERE YOU BORN? - I was born in Enterprise, a small town of about 25,000 people in southeast Alabama. Enterprise is known for the Boll Weevil Monument and is the home of Fort Rucker and the US Army Aviation Center. I grew up riding my bicycle all over town and trudging through the woods from morning until the sun went down.

WHERE DID YOU GO TO SCHOOL? - I have bachelor's and master's degrees in history from Troy University, and I completed one year of PhD work at the University of Alabama before God called me into ministry. I also have a Master of Divinity degree in preaching and a Doctor of Ministry degree in evangelistic church growth from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. I recently completed the requirements to be a Certified Church Consultant.

HOW DID YOU MEET MELANIE? - We met at McDonald's. Melanie says that makes it sound like we were both working there, but we were not. We had both gone with mutual friends for a late-night hamburger. We ended up seated across from each other and had a great time talking. I finally got the courage to ask her out on a date, and she said yes. The rest is history!

WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO AWAY FROM MINISTRY? - Melanie and I literally do everything together. We both love to read. We both love to snow ski. We both love to run. And we both love to sit on the back porch, eat grilled food and listen to music. Don't tell anyone, but sometimes - when no one is looking - we might even dance to the music!

WHAT IS THE GREATEST SPIRITUAL TRUTH YOU HAVE DISCOVERED? - You can trust the heart of God! He is faithful. He loves you. And you can trust him!

TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT YOURSELF THAT MOST PEOPLE WOULDN'T KNOW - I have been a college administrator and instructor. I am also a licensed fork lift driver. You didn't see that one coming, did you?