Praying Hands

The comprehensive church consultation is an extended process that offers a high-level analysis of the church's overall health.

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At the conclusion of the consultation you will receive a report giving you clear insights into your community and your church as well as a reasonable ministry plan to guide you toward a preferred future.

The consultation will include:

  • Demographic and psychographic study of your community.
  • Interviews with key leaders.
  • Analysis of church facilities.
  • Statistical analysis of key church metrics.
  • Analysis of financial stewardship data.
  • An outsider's perspective of worship services.
  • A church health survey.
  • Discovery of ministry and growth obstacles as well as opportunities.

The consultation involves at least one weekend onsite. The onsite visit will include interviews with church leaders and members, a tour of your facilities as well as your community, and attendance in the Sunday worship services.